1. 2-Substituted oxazolines can be prepared by many methods and possess a moderately hard N-donor.
  2. Specifically, phenylsilane-caesium fluoride has been shown to reduce 4-oxazolium salts to 4-oxazolines.
  3. Copolymers with other 2-alkyl-2-oxazolines and other monomers allow the preparation of random copolymers and block copolymers.
  4. The Appel reaction is also effective on carboxylic acids; this has been used to convert them to oxazolines, oxazines and thiazolines.
  5. Water must be excluded du to the tendency of oxazolines towards ring-opening by chloride ions during protonation of the imine nitrogen.
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  7. NHC-based ligands of the first type have been generated as large libraries from the reaction of smaller libraries of individual NHCs and oxazolines.
  8. As the stereocentre in such oxazolines is adjacent to the coordinating N-atom, it can influence the selectivity of processes occurring at the metal centre.
  9. Substituted oxazolines and thiazolines can be oxidized to the corresponding oxazoles and thiazoles in a modified Kharash-Sosnovsky oxidation with " tert "-butylperoxy-benzoate and a mixture of Cu ( I ) and Cu ( II ) salts in suitable yields.
  10. Interestingly, the precursor peptide of the cyanobactin family is traditionally designated the " E " gene, whereas precursor peptides are designated gene " A " in most RiPP gene clusters . " A " is a serine protease involved in cleavage of the leader peptide and subsequent macrocyclization of the peptide natural product, in combination with an additional serine protease homologue, the encoded by gene " G . " Members of the cyanobactin family may bear thiazolines / oxazolines, thiazoles / oxazoles, and methylations depending on additional modification enzymes.


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