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  1. Scientists are not certain why the oxygen level dropped .
  2. Officials say air samples show oxygen levels that can support life
  3. Officials say air samples show oxygen levels that can support life
  4. Q . why are high dissolved oxygen levels better than air sparging or orc
  5. Officials say air sample show oxygen level that can support life
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  7. Officials say air example shows oxygen levels that can support life
  8. Officials say air samples show oxygen levels that can support life
  9. Oxygen levels of 23 % can be reached very quickly and all personnel must be aware of the hazard
    含氧量23 %是可以非常迅速地達到的,所有人都必須意識到這種危險。
  10. New technology that measures oxygen levels in the blood of a fetus was thought to offer a better way to tell which babies were truly at risk
  11. A large government study has concluded that monitoring fetal oxygen levels during labor does not lead to healthier newborns or reduce unnecessary caesarean deliveries
  12. This hematite is gray , however , because the grain size is larger . ) the layering of these distinct rock types indicates that the huronian glaciations occurred precisely when atmospheric oxygen levels first rose
  13. Because the resulting o2 concentration of 7 vol % is to close to the required concentration of o2 we have to do this twice times to get an oxygen level in the range of 2 to 3 %
    因為氧氣的體積濃度為7 % ,接近燃燒所需要的氧氣濃度值,所以必須進行兩次這樣的操作,使用氧氣濃度范圍為2 - 3 % 。
  14. Seven - eleven japan officials said the idea is to allow buyers to replenish their oxygen levels any time they feel a lack of fresh air due to stress , fatigue , or other factors , the mainichi shimbun reported tuesday
    據路透社5月16日報道,日本著名的seven - eleven便利店集團將于本月末在東京地區的便利店出售一種罐裝氧氣且6月將擴大到全國銷售。
  15. But it wasn ' t clear whether this is due to reduced oxygen levels at high altitude or because their mothers are under - nourished ? many people who live at high altitudes are relatively poor compared with those living lower down
    但是還不清楚這是由于在高海拔的地方氧氣不足,還是由于他們的母親沒有獲得足夠的營養? ?許多住在高海拔地方的人相對都比住在低處的人窮。
  16. Diarrhoea can also be caused by strange or poor food quality . other symptoms , such as dry eyes , and muscle aches are more likely to be the result of low oxygen levels in the plane cabin , dry atmosphere and lack of exercise
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