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  1. In order to improve measurement precision and display fidelity of the instrument , three new methods of nonlinear calibration of thermal instruments , which are based on intelligent control theory , are presented in this paper , such as nonlinear compensation of zr02 oxygen measurement instrument using bp nn , nonlinear calibration of temperature measurement sensors using cmac nn and nonlinear identification of throttle flow meter using ga . these methods prove to be not only simple but also effective
    火電廠熱工儀表普遍存在非線性特性,為了提高參數測量的準確度和儀表顯示的精確度,基于智能控制理論,文中提出了熱工儀表非線性校正的新方法: bp神經網絡補償氧化鋯氧量計非線性特性的方法、 cmac神經網絡校正測溫傳感器非線性特性的方法、遺傳算法辯識節流式流量儀表非線性特性的方法。
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