oxygen minimum zone造句


  1. These areas are also known as oxygen minimum zones ( OMZ ).
  2. The oxygen minimum zones thus play an important role in regulating the productivity and ecological community structure of the global ocean.
  3. The distribution of the open-ocean oxygen minimum zones is controlled by the large-scale ocean circulation as well as local physical as well as biological processes.
  4. His research focussed on biologically-mediated chemical transformations in the oxygen minimum zone ( OMZ ) of the Arabian Sea, which were largely unknown at that time.
  5. Another strategy used by some classes of bacteria in the oxygen minimum zones is to use nitrate rather than oxygen, thus drawing down the concentrations of this important nutrient.
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  7. He established a tidal gauge network, gave an explanation for the Pacific oxygen minimum zone under the thermocline, and discovered the ocean current jet that now bears his name, the " Wyrtki Jet ".
  8. A downside, however, would be an increase in aerobic bacteria growth due to the introduction of biomass, leading to more competition for oxygen resources in the deep sea, similar to the oxygen minimum zone.
  9. The worm has been observed residing just below the oxygen minimum zone ( OMZ ) between 875 and 1, 200 meters ( 2, 800 to 4, 000 feet ) deep  even when the sea floor is significantly deeper.
  10. For example, giant bacterial mats floating in the oxygen minimum zone off the west coast of South America may play a key role in the region's extremely rich fisheries as bacterial mats the size of Uruguay have been found there.
  11. In the deep sea the COMARGE project has studied the biodiversity patterns along and across the Chilean margin through a complexity of ecosystems such as methane seeps and oxygen minimum zones reporting that such habitat heterogeneity may influence the biodiversity patterns of the local fauna.
  12. Current theories suggest that they reside in the oxygen minimum zone because of its cornucopia of detritus and marine snow, and that the worms produce clouds of mucous to capture particles of food and " snow, " which they later draw into their mouths and ingest . " C . pugaporcinus " has been found to feed mainly on pelagic phytoplankton, as well as pelagic foraminiferans, silicoflagellates, dinoflagellates, and marine protists.


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