oxygen of publicity造句

"oxygen of publicity"是什麽意思   


  1. Margaret Thatcher complained about " the oxygen of publicity " for terrorists.
  2. They did not depend on the oxygen of publicity, as do fund-raising benefits.
  3. The vanity articles I have come across make spurious and exaggerated claims purely for the " oxygen of publicity ".
  4. Addressing the Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, said it would " deny terrorists the oxygen of publicity ".
  5. And if it's a troll, you'll do better to deprive him / her of the oxygen of publicity.
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  7. This increased attention gave the party the " oxygen of publicity " which helped bring the party to the attention of previously inattentive voters.
  8. Newly elected Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, determined to deny the " oxygen of publicity " to the IRA, complained to the BBC governors.
  9. There's a point at which wanting to starve something of the oxygen of publicity is also pushing one's head further into the sand-not good!
  10. He says the government and the media, in an effort to " deny the hooligans the oxygen of publicity, " had stopped reported all but the most obvious incidents.
  11. The ban was put in place in 1988 by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to deny " terrorists the oxygen of publicity " and to spare the victims of IRA bombs and attacks.
  12. The city may have been chosen because it was one of the host cities of the Euro'96 football tournament, attended by visitors and media organisations from all over Europe, guaranteeing the IRA what Margaret Thatcher called the " oxygen of publicity ".
  13.  Exposed to the oxygen of publicity it was clear that all was not well with the UK s mining industry  its size, excepting coal, was inadequate to provide all the needs of rapidly growing industries such as iron, steel and engineering,  Coulson wrote.
  14. :: : : : : That's a peculiar interpretation of Godwin's Law : the academic status of Irving and of Elst are very similar and if you can demonstrate that we give Irving's generally discredited ideas the oxygen of publicity across a range of articles other than his own biography then you might have a decent point .-talk ) 13 : 52, 26 August 2014 ( UTC)
  15. Immediately after the show, " The Independent " said Griffin had " choked " on the oxygen of publicity given him by the BBC . " The Times " described Griffin as having been " caught in TV's glare ", subjected to a " hostile hour-long grilling " . " The Guardian ", however, was of the opinion that, while Griffin was jeered and attacked and " often looked just plain shifty ", he made no major gaffes and would thus think of it as a success.


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