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  1. Aside from that, the Palatine Library remains in the Vatican Library to this day.
  2. The Palatine Library have confirmed that the copy they hold is that previously owned by Sneyd.
  3. Salmasius reports seeing the " Anacreontea " in the Palatine Library in Heidelberg in 1607.
  4. The manuscript of the " Palatine Anthology " was discovered by Saumaise ( Salmasius ) in 1606 in the Palatine library at Heidelberg
  5. The work survives in a single manuscript, of the later 9th century, now in the Palatine Library in Heidelberg; it contains several works.
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  7. "Dido " was not published but a manuscript copy exists in the Palatine Library in Parma entitled " Didone " not " Dido " and dedicated to Ottavio Farnese.
  8. One of Alexander s students was Gaius Julius Hyginus, Latin author, scholar and friend of Ovid, who was appointed by Augustus to be superintendent of the Palatine library.
  9. The famous Palatine Library, the Bibliotheca Palatina, was founded and at first kept in the gallery of the Church of the Holy Spirit, where good light for reading was available.
  10. It was discovered on the back ( verso ) of the 72nd leaf ( folio ) of Codex 772 in the Vatican Palatine Library by the librarian, who brought it to the attention of scholars.
  11. The manuscript from the Palatine Library at Heidelberg ( " Pal . lat . " 909 ) preserved in the Vatican Library is written in Beneventan script and shows evidence of having been committed to parchment under the supervision of Landulf himself.
  12. In 1623, with the rest of the Palatine Library, it was taken to Rome; in 1798, to Paris, as part of Napoleonic plunder under the terms of the Treaty of Tolentino; in 1816, it was restored to Heidelberg.
  13. The city lived a period of particular splendour : the Biblioteca Palatina ( Palatine Library ), the Archaeological Museum, the Picture Gallery and the Botanical Garden were founded, together with the Royal Printing Works directed by Giambattista Bodoni, aided by the Amoretti Brothers as skilled and inspired punchcutters.
  14. In 1623, the hereditary Palatine Library of Heidelberg containing about 3, 500 manuscripts was given to the Vatican by Maximilian I, Duke of Bavaria ( who had just acquired it as booty in the Thirty Years'War ) in thanks for the adroit political maneuvers of Pope Gregory XV that had sustained him in his contests with Protestant candidates for the electoral seat.
  15. In 1623, having been taken in the sack of Heidelberg in the Thirty Years'War, it was sent with the rest of the Palatine Library to Rome as a present from Maximilian I of Bavaria to Pope Gregory XV, who had it divided into two parts, the first of which was by far the larger; thence it was taken to Paris in 1797.
  16. It long continued to be the only accessible collection, for although the Palatine manuscript known as the " Palatine Anthology ", the sole extant copy of the anthology of Cephalas, was discovered in the Palatine library at Heidelberg, and copied by Saumaise ( Salmasius ) in 1606, it was not published until 1776, when it was included in Brunck's " Analecta Veterum Poetarum Graecorum ".


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