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  1. Welch writes that the stadium was completed by 143 in time for Panathenaic festival.
  2. Hipparchus then invited Harmodius'sister to participate in the Panathenaic Festival as kanephoros only to publicly disqualify her on the grounds that she was not a virgin.
  3. The battle was probably also depicted on the new " peplos " ( robe ) presented to Athena on the Acropolis of Athens as part of the Panathenaic festival.
  4. A 524-foot-long frieze in low relief on all sides of the Parthenon depicts what was previously thought to be the Panathenaic festival, held every four years to commemorate the birth of Athena.
  5. The latest historical witness cited there is the orator Lycurgus, from whom, apparently, we learn that " At Athens, by 330 BC, there was a law that rhapsodes should perform the Homeric poems at every Panathenaic festival ".
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  7. The artist James Stuart and the architect Nicholas Revett, members of the Society of Dilettanti in London, returned from a visit to the Acropolis with drawings, descriptions and their interpretation that the frieze represented the Panathenaic festival, which was held every four years to commemorate the birth of Athena.
  8. In a paper prepared for publication in The American Journal of Archaeology, Dr . Connelly concluded that the new explanation for the frieze " encourages us to re-evaluate our current understanding of the Panathenaic festival itself, an event which may have been more than just the celebration of Athena's birthday ."
  9. "' Peisistratos "'(;; died 528 / 7 BC ), Latinized "'Pisistratus "', the son of Hippocrates, was a ruler of ancient Athens during most of the period between 561 and 527 BC . His legacy lies primarily in his instituting the Panathenaic Festival, historically assigned the date of 566 B . C ., and the consequent first attempt at producing a definitive version of the Homeric epics.


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