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  1. Panathinaikos FC left Leoforos in 1984 and moved to the Olympic Stadium.
  2. The "'Paiania training ground "'is a training ground and football club Panathinaikos FC.
  3. The next matchday he scored also in the home victory against Panathinaikos FC.
  4. Record attendance is 21.350 in a football match between Panathinaikos FC in 1982.
  5. He was Panathinaikos FC team captain for over 15 years.
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  7. His good performances led Greek Superleague club Panathinaikos FC to acquire him in 2005.
  8. In 1999 he moved to Panathinaikos FC in Greece, nicknamed " the Shark ".
  9. In February 2013, Jokin signed for Panathinaikos FC in the Superleague Greece, penning a six-month contract.
  10. Shortly after UEFA Champions League champaign at Panathinaikos FC he returned to Croatia with HNK Rijeka.
  11. Vgenopoulos was a shareholder of Panathinaikos FC until June 2010, owning 20 % of the club's shares.
  12. In January 2006 Panathinaikos FC brought him in Athens to play for them on a 2-year contract.
  13. He played one game in the 2007 08 UEFA Cup for FC Lokomotiv Moscow against Panathinaikos FC.
  14. During his first four months with M醠aga, Demichelis was Panathinaikos FC ( also the aggregate score ).
  15. "' Pagalis "'who began his career in the Panathinaikos FC youth academy and played there until June 2006.
  16. After this Bengtsson left the club for Panathinaikos FC, where he worked for the season 1988 & ndash; 1989.
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