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  1. "' Panathlon International "'( PI ) is the non-governmental, non-profit-making, non-political association, without gender or racial distinction, of all Panathlon clubs in the world.
  2. Either directly or through its clubs, Panathlon International supports whoever works in the world of sport, promulgates sport inspired by ethics, solidarity and fair play and promotes studies and research on topics concerning sport and its relations with society.
  3. To direct its actions, Panathlon International adopts the  values-based approach which is about supporting and stimulating ( code of ethics ) and limits itself to stimulate sport federations and sport authorities to address controlling and sanctioning ( code of ethics ).
  4. In 1994, the Italian National Olympic Committee has awarded the company the " Bronze Star for Sporting Merit " and in the years 1995-1997-1998-1999-2004-2007 the title " Company of the Year " by the local section of town Panathlon International.
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