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  1. In that year a 1911 13 / 17 hot bulb paraffin engine was installed.
  2. An example of a fuel-injected petrol-paraffin engine is the Hesselman engine.
  3. It was supplied with a paraffin engine powered generator for electricity, a telephone and telegraphic links.
  4. The sails were removed about this time and the steam engine was replaced by a paraffin engine.
  5. The larger capacity of the petrol-paraffin engine was to compensate for the power reduction resulting from the low compression ratio.
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  7. Also, while some older vessels still use marine petrol-paraffin engines, most inboard marine engines now tend to be diesels.
  8. In 1922 they introduced a new light Tractor, this had a two-cylinder'V'- formation petrol-paraffin engine.
  9. Multifuel engines, such as petrol-paraffin engines, can benefit from an initial vaporization of the fuel when they are running less vaporize the fuel.
  10. However, by 1903 they made their first internal combustion petrol engines and petrol-paraffin engines, and gradually engine manufacture was to become their main business.
  11. M22 " were fitted with conventional triple-expansion steam engines, " M24 " was fitted with four-cylinder paraffin engines, and the remainder received Bolinder four-cylinder semi-diesel engines.
  12. The mills remained in the Lewis family, and a limited company, Gayton Mills Co Ltd, was formed in 1919 . The mill had ceased working by wind at this time, power being provided by a Blackstone paraffin engine.
  13. The prototype loco-tractor was a modified Dennis tractor, powered by a four-cylinder petrol-paraffin engine, which was fitted with a removable bogie between the front wheels to lift them high enough to prevent ground contact.
  14. A petrol-paraffin engine differs from a single-fuel petrol engine in that two independent fuel tanks containing petrol and paraffin ( respectively ) are required, but both fuels may be supplied through the same carburetor or fuel injection system.
  15. In 1907, the company built one experimental double-decker bus for the London General Omnibus Co . By the start of World War I, the company was producing a standard range of to, which could be deployed for lighting, electrical power and rotational power for paraffin engines.


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