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  1. His death certificate lists his final occupation as a pawn broker's assistant.
  2. Bargavan Pillai goes to a pawn broker and takes money instead of his beloved scooter.
  3. Solomon returned to London in about 1818 and set up as a fence and pawn broker.
  4. The unbilled cast list has been stated to include Lon Chaney in the role of the pawn broker.
  5. If it were invested in a pawn broking business, in three years the interest would equal the capital.
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  7. It is stated that the pawn broker may not keep the collateral but must sell them at public auction.
  8. We have everyone from a three handicap to a 40, " said Triestch, a pawn broker and owner of Traders Inc . in Reseda.
  9. If the item does not fetch a price that will cover these expenses the pawn broker may keep the item and sell it through other channels.
  10. The Supreme Court ruled in a case involving a North Carolina pawn broker convicted of carrying a gun during a marijuana sale to an undercover federal agent.
  11. The consistent use of this symbol for advertising was analogous to an apothecary's show globe, a tobacconist's cigar store Indian and a pawn broker's three gold balls.
  12. Now with five $ 10 bills from pawning the saw, should he pay $ 8 to the pawn broker to hang on to the shotgun another month?
  13. It's a large demographic pool . " ( The company, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a branch of Cash America International, a leading pawn broker .)
  14. Blume only managed to win the return of his confiscated goods in 1962 and is believed to have used them to set himself up as a pawn broker.
  15. The Building then stood empty for a few years but since 2012 the marples building has been occupied by Cash Shop, a fair money lending and pawn broking company.
  16. At the Metro-Dade Police Department, which is much larger than the Miami Beach Police Department, the Florida Pawn Broker Transaction Form is sent to each of its eight district offices.
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