pawn center造句


  1. In the middlegame, White had the bishop pair while Black had a pawn center.
  2. How's their pawn center?
  3. Jennifer Shahade of New York allowed her pawn center to become overextended on the bottom board.
  4. White was always somewhat better with control of the e-file and a pawn center.
  5. This has occurred previously, but it is rare because the exchange of knights strengthens the black pawn center.
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  7. Vallejo had a strong pawn center, Leko's queen was offside and his king wasn't safe.
  8. The Catalan Opening is characterized by White forming a pawn center at d4 and c4 and fianchettoing his king's bishop.
  9. The Classical Variation of the King's Indian Defense, which arises after 5 Be2, creates a broad pawn center and straightforward development.
  10. Reshevsky, playing white, appears to have an advantage due to his strong pawn center, which may become mobile after Bf3 and d4 d5.
  11. It was not long before Kasparov made powerful use of his reinforced pawn center with 18 . . . e5 ! 19 de d5 ! 20 Be2 ( 20 Bd5?
  12. Anand's pawn center was strengthened by this transaction, but Kasparov had the satisfaction of getting rid of a bishop that could have played a crucial role in creating a mating attack.
  13. If Karpov had not played 13 . . . gf, Anand would have obtained a powerful pawn center; but after 13 Rf3 Anand had a clear target in the backward f7 pawn.
  14. Not all exchange variations are quiet; the Exchange Variation of the Grunfeld Defense is regarded as one of White's sharpest and most aggressive options, since it allows White to build up a massive pawn center, which Black will try to undermine.


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