pawn centre造句


  1. White will attempt to create a pawn centre and develop his pieces to prepare for an assault on the Black position.
  2. The traditional move for White here is 3 . Nc3, threatening to set up a big pawn centre with 4 . e4.
  3. Another possibility for White is "'3 . c3 "', intending to establish a pawn centre with d4 next move.
  4. The main reply against the Central Variation is to oppose the pawn centre with 3 . . . e5, which is a highly theoretical system.
  5. Hence in this variation Black lets White build his pawn centre only to undermine it later, a playing philosophy espoused in the teachings of the Alekhine Defence or the Gr黱feld Defence.
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  7. After the black reply 3 . . . Bf5, Richter usually continued 4 . f3, hoping to build a large pawn centre; Veresov, on the other hand, usually played 4 . Bxf6, damaging the black pawn structure.
  8. It is similar to the King's Indian in that both feature a . . . d6 and . . . e5 pawn centre, but in the Old Indian Black's king bishop is developed to e7 rather than being fianchettoed on g7.
  9. However, the extended pawn centre has its drawbacks, as Lalic explains : " White must invest some valuable tempi in protecting his pawn structure, which allows Black to seize the best squares for his minor pieces with excellent prospects for counterplay against the white centre ."


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