pawn chains造句

"pawn chains"是什麽意思   


  1. Recently the Austin-based EZ Pawn chain, which has four stores in Waco, announced it was liquidating its cheap handguns.
  2. YOUNG-COLUMN _ WACO, Texas _ Recently the Austin-based EZ Pawn chain announced it was liquidating its cheap handguns.
  3. However, a " bad " bishop need not always be a weakness, especially if it is outside its own pawn chains.
  4. After a fianchetto, giving up the bishop can weaken the holes in the pawn chain; doing so in front of the castled king may thus affect its safety.
  5. He pointed out how in positions with interlocking pawn chains, one could attack the chain at its base by advancing one's own pawns and carrying out a freeing move ( pawn break ).
  6. It's difficult to find pawn chains in a sentence. 用pawn chains造句挺難的
  7. To the right is a kind of problem quite closely related to these kinds of grotesques : this time it is White who has a clear material advantage, but it is difficult to make anything of it because of the locked pawn chain.
  8. When it released its earnings recently, EZCorp ., the Austin-based parent of the EZ Pawn chain, said a " soft pawn economy " and declining loan demand helped push down the company's earnings in the fiscal third quarter ended June 30.


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