pawn formation造句

"pawn formation"是什麽意思   


  1. After 19 a4, the pawn formations were symmetrical, and neither player could claim to have better-placed pieces.
  2. Anand unaccountably played lackluster moves, then made an exchange of knights that strengthened Kasparov's central pawn formation.
  3. The black queen bishop was developed outside its pawn formation, but Black controlled only three ranks of terrain.
  4. The resulting pawn formation for White is sometimes called the Mar骳zy Bind, a way of cramping Black's position.
  5. The Ruth Attack, 2 Bg5, takes the first opportunity to develop the queen bishop outside the white pawn formation.
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  7. The pawn formations unique to the parent game, Baroque, already significantly different from traditional chess, are not seen in Rococo.
  8. The Stonewall is characterized by the White pawn formation on c3, d4, e3, and f4, and can be achieved by several move orders and against many different Black setups.
  9. The champion then recaptured with 17 . . . Qf6, preferring piece pressure on the f file to straightening out his pawn formation with 17 . . . gf.
  10. Short ( 2660 ) played an unexpectedly fierce attack with black, sacrificing a rook for a knight and pawn on move 31 to help him push up a queenside pawn formation.
  11. If the game is " closed " with lots of interlocked pawn formations, the knight tends to be stronger, because it can hop over the pawns while they block the bishop.
  12. Although Anand stood worse after Kasparov's queen infiltration with 22 . . . Qb4, he did not lose his head but stubbornly resisted all efforts at exploiting his loose pawn formation.
  13. Its strategy, after 7 . . . d5, is to create something like a French Defense, with the exception that the normally troublesome queen bishop can maneuver freely outside the pawn formation.
  14. Black has made 6 captures; to account for his pawn formation, all 6 captures must have been made with pawns; the capturing pawns must have started on b7, c7, d7 and e7.
  15. After 19 . . . Nd7, Anand would have got into trouble if he had played 20 ed ed 21 Nd5 Bd5 22 Qd5 Nb6 23 ab Rcd8 24 Qc4 Qd6 25 Nf5 Qb6 because the resulting pawn formation is favorable to Black, whether or not White exchanges with 26 Ne7 Re7.


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