pawn loan造句


  1. The foundation expects to extend pawn loans to 750, 000 families, or about 905 million M閞ida.
  2. "Pawn loans are made for a month, so if a fellow gets $ 200 from me at 180 percent, he'll pay me back $ 230.
  3. "What we offer on pawn loans, and what we charge for sale items that aren't redeemed, is pretty much worked out in our heads,"
  4. "There were some legislators with strong constituencies who had title pawn loans, " said Oliver, back in private law practice after an unsuccessful 1998 campaign for lieutenant governor.
  5. The 382-outlet chain charges up to 240 percent interest on pawn loans in states that permit it, according to John P . Caskey, a Swarthmore College economist who has studied the industry.
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