1. Paul is the President of the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative ( PCPCC ), a coalition he led IBM in creating in early 2006.
  2. The PCPCC s Executive Committee is a valuable group of members that provide leadership and work in partnership with PCPCC's Board of Directors and staff.
  3. In addition to the work of the PCPCC, the Patient-Centered Primary Care Foundation ( PCPCF ) currently engages in education of the PCMH model through public conferences, webinars, policy papers, guides, and toolkits.
  4. Simson was also a founding member and Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on palliative and Compassionate Care ( PCPCC ), a non-partisan Parliamentary group aimed at promoting awareness of glaring deficiences in Canada's palliative and compassionate care framework.
  5. Dr . Paul Grundy is regarded as the " godfather " of the Patient Centered Medical Home ( PCMH ) concept because of his advocacy for PCMH-level care and in creation of the PCPCC . More information about his amazing advocacy for medical home can be found in the book " The Familiar Physician : Saving Your Doctor In the Era of Obamacare"
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  7. The Patient Centered Medical Home as a means of fundamentally reforming healthcare delivery, which in turn is essential to maintaining US international competitiveness . Today, the PCPCC represents employers of some 50 million people across the United States as well as physician groups representing more than 330, 000 medical doctors, leading consumer groups and the top seven US health-benefits companies.


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