1. Office of the privacy commissioner for personal data pcpd
  2. To learn more about pcpd , go to
  3. The pcpd oversees the enforcement of the personal data privacy ordinance in hong kong
  4. Find out how to lodge a complaint with the office of the privacy commissioner for personal data pcpd about any infringement on your privacy rights related to personal data
  5. With the collaborations from pcpd and the jerde partnership , we are pleased to have built a unique retail project that hong kong people could all be proud of , added nicholas yang
  6. It's difficult to find pcpd in a sentence. 用pcpd造句挺難的
  7. We are proud to be a partner in pursuing this unparallel concept of creating the first retail , exhibition and entertainment project to fully integrate and complement the convergence of nature and technology . said pcpd sales marketing director ms . wendy gan
  8. Pacific century premium developments limited pcpd , sehk : 0432 is engaged in the development and management of property and infrastructure and owns an investment portfolio of premium - grade buildings in hong kong and beyond . majority - owned by pccw , pcpd groups hold the development rights for the cyberport project , which is owned by the government of hong kong special administrative region and includes the bel - air complex of prestige accommodation
    盈科大衍地產有限公司(盈大地產,聯交所股份代號: 0432 ) ,主要業務為發展及管理香港以至其他地方的物業及基建設施,由電訊盈科擁有大部份權益,而盈大地產則持有香港特別行政區政府所擁有的數碼港計劃發展權,當中包括貝沙灣豪宅項目。
  9. The developer of cyberport , pacific century premium developments limited pcpd announced that its project the arcade at cyberport has been named most innovative interior design for a retail development at the first annual retail future projects awards at mapic website
    - -由盈科大衍地產發展有限公司(簡稱盈大地產)負責發展的數碼港商場thearcade ,榮獲由retailweek及retailworld首辦之“ theretailfutureprojectsawardsatmapic ”的“ mostinnovativeinteriordesignforaretaildevelopment ”項目獎項(相關網址:


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