1. Corelli leaves Antonia, his mandolin, with Pelagia for safekeeping.
  2. St . Pelagia had a racy act that a local bishop saw.
  3. Corelli has eyes for Pelagia the moment he sees her.
  4. Before long, Pelagia forsakes her fiance to take up with Corelli.
  5. Son of : Ferdynand RadziwiBB and Pelagia Sapie | anka.
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  7. Pelagia meets a young fisherman named Mandras, and they rapidly become engaged.
  8. SS Januarius and Pelagia were said to have been martyred in the town.
  9. His mother, Mary Pelagia Coppens, was a gifted pianist and singer.
  10. Pelagia's letters to him go unanswered.
  11. Yet Corelli does not return, though Pelagia is convinced she sees his ghost.
  12. The baby girl, whom Pelagia has named Antonia, grows up and marries.
  13. Pelagia ( a k a Margaret ) was an actress who later became a hermit.
  14. Corelli is ga-ga over Pelagia.
  15. St . Pelagia, the penitent.
  16. Its lone saving grace : John Hurt as Pelagia's father, Dr . Iannis.
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