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  1. According to the Pequot Lakes Heritage Preservation Commission, the city once called Sibley and Frogtown was renamed as Pequot.
  2. A memorial garden for Sjodin opened in her hometown of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, and another is planned for the UND campus.
  3. Most of the current area of Pequot Lakes was gained through an annexation of the entirety of the surrounding former Sibley Township on June 4, 2002.
  4. During an assembly at Pequot Lakes High School in 2007, students were shown graphic images of aborted fetuses and girls were made to chant about being submissive to their husbands.
  5. Authorities said Sjodin, who was from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, may have been abducted while talking to her boyfriend, Chris Lang, on a cell phone the afternoon of Nov . 22.
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  7. Roger retired after being inaugurated into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame May 29, 2009 . Living in Pequot Lakes, MN where he owns "'Rager's Acres Seasonal RV Park "'on Loon Lake.
  8. Rager's focus returned to sprint car racing in the mid-1980s when he was asked to drive for a guy at the speedway in Jackson, Minn . He also left the Twin Cities and purchased a "'resort "'on Loon Lake, just west of Pequot Lakes, in 1988.
  9. In the introduction to their 1985 edition of Claude Lewis'journal of the Saskatchewan trip, Koblas and Page recount that while Sinclair Lewis was writing " Elmer Gantry ", he and his brother and Claude's wife went to the small theatre in Pequot Lake, where Sinclair was writing.


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