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  1. Per Aage Brandt and Jakob Simonsen ), was published, with funding from Case Western Reserve University.
  2. The editorial board consisted of Line Brandt, Per Aage Brandt, Frank Kj鴕up, Todd Oakley, Jacob Orquin, Jakob Simonsen and Jes Vang.
  3. Per Aage Brandt has published a large number of books on the subjects of semiotics, linguistics, culture, and music as well as poetry.
  4. Besides the original text by Prince Henrik in French, a Danish translation by Per Aage Brandt is also used in the work, and at places French and Danish is being sung at the same time.
  5. Amongst the prominent cognitive semioticians are Per Aage Brandt, Svend 豷tergaard, Peer Bundg錼d, Frederik Stjernfelt, Mikkel Wallentin, Kristian Tyl閚, Riccardo Fusaroli, and Jordan Zlatev . Zlatev later in co-operation with G鰎an Sonesson established CCS ( Center for Cognitive Semiotics ) at Lund University, Sweden.
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  7. The society publishes two peer-reviewed electronic journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals : Philosophy Pathways launched in 2001, and Philosophy for Business ( external link ) launched in 2003 . There are currently 18 listed members of the Board of the ISFP which includes philosophers David Bell and Piers Benn, and the poet and linguist Per Aage Brandt.
  8. Per Aage Brandt founded a Center for Semiotics in 1995 at Aarhus University and subsequently a Master Education in Cognitive Semiotics, to investigate the connections between semiotics and cognitive science ( with a strong focus on cognitive linguistics ), and he has had several followers along this line such as Line Brandt ( Center for Semiotics at Aarhus University ), and Todd Oakley ( Case Western Reserve University ).


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