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  1. "Totally incompetent, " says Per Ahlmark, Sweden's former deputy prime minister.
  2. Ziegler's appointment was also criticized by an independent group of political figures including Irwin Cotler and Per Ahlmark.
  3. The contemporary Swedish Liberal party Carl Ekman, Nobel Prize laureate Bertil Ohlin, Gunnar Hel閚, Per Ahlmark and Bengt Westerberg.
  4. Nowadays it is strongly supportive of Israel, and former Party leader Per Ahlmark has been especially vocal on the issue.
  5. In the 1960s FPU became prominent under the leadership of among others Per Ahlmark and Ola Ullsten and influenced its mother party in a radical direction.
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  7. Per Ahlmark, an author and former Cabinet member, said Sweden's wartime government suffered from " ignorance " and that all Swedes bear " collective guilt " for keeping silent.
  8. Per Ahlmark, former deputy prime minister of Sweden, read out statistics on the scores of wars started by totalitarian governments, the 170 million people they killed in our own century.
  9. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Per Ahlmark, an advocate in the combating of antisemitism, wrote :  compared to most previous anti-Jewish outbreaks, this new anti-Semitism is often less directed against individual Jews.
  10. This was an apparent reference to former Swedish deputy prime minister Per Ahlmark, who wrote in two U . S . newspapers in January that Blix, a fellow Swede, was soft on Iraq and was trying to appease Saddam Hussein.


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