1. He names the female Perta and the male Alfonso after his friend.
  2. Priyo then asked Soegianto to name the other shareholders of Permindo and Perta.
  3. Perta and Permindo have held the exclusive right to import fuel and crude oil respectively for Pertamina for decades.
  4. Soegianto said Perta and Permindo received a commission of 10 U . S . cents per barrel from Pertamina alone.
  5. The companies include Perta Oil Marketing Ltd, which is controlled by Soeharto's youngest son Hutomo " Tommy"
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  7. Pertamina's imports are handled by its affiliates Pacific Petroleum Trad Co . Ltd, Perta Oil Marketing Ltd and Permindo Trading Oil Co . Ltd.
  8. Kuntoro said contracts with Perta and Permindo would end next month and the government would hold open bidding for the imports of fuel and crude oil for Pertamina.
  9. Priyo alleged Perta and Permindo had marked up the prices of their fuel and crude oil imports up to US $ 10 per barrel to obtain a bigger commission.
  10. Pertamina has been obliged for decades to import crude oil and fuel products through Perta Oil Marketing Ltd . and crude oil from Permindo Oil Trading Co . Ltd.
  11. The import of crude oil, which was for decades monopolized by Perta Oil Marketing Ltd, controlled by Tommy and Soeharto's crony Mohammad " Bob"
  12. Among changes since Soeharto stepped down last week, state oil company Pertamina has said that it would review contracts with affiliates Perta and Permindo, both Soeharto-linked firms.
  13. Perta and Permindo also reportedly enjoys the exclusive rights to export Pertamina's crude oil to all destinations, except for Japan, which is the largest importing country for Indonesian crude oil.
  14. Sources say Perta is 30 percent owned by Pertamina, 20 percent by Pertamina's pension fund, 25 percent by the Nusamba Group, controlled by Soeharto's crony Mohamad " Bob"
  15. They include nearly dlrs 129 million in unnecessary commissions allegedly paid to Pertamina's brokers, Permindo Oil Trading Ltd . and Perta Oil Marketing Ltd ., for services Pertamina could have performed by itself.
  16. Pertamina has yet to reveal the list but analysts believe it includes Perta Oil Marketing Ltd and Permindo Trading Oil Co . Ltd, from which Pertamina has been obliged to buy imported fuel and crude oil for decades.
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