1. Soon thereafter, he attended masterclasses with Jacques Rouvier ( 1998 ), Hector Moreno ( 1999, 2000 ) and Sergio Perticaroli ( 1996, 2000, 2003 ) at the Mozarteum Salzburg.
  2. He went on to perfect his studies under J . Micault, G . Sandor, J . Achucarro, B Bloch, M . Damerini, S . Perticaroli, and with Norbert Brainin and the Trio di Trieste in chamber music.
  3. He has had advanced studies with well-known pedagogues and pianists such as Karl-Heinz K鋗merling, Hiroko Nakamura, Jacques Rouvier, Arie Vardi, Sergio Perticaroli, Arbo Valdma, Alexei Nasedkin, Jelena Richter, Victor Liadov and Marian Ribicky.
  4. After studying with Ilio Barontini, Franco Scala, William Grant Nabor? and Sergio Perticaroli and having studied with or having been coached by Alicia De Larrocha, Leon Fleisher, and Dmitri Bashkirov at the International Piano Academy Lake Como, Baldocci began an intense solo career performing in important venues worldwide ( Tonhalle in Zurich, Teatro Col髇 in Buenos Aires, Sala Verdi in Milan ).
  5. Meanwhile, Ms . Campaner was selected to participate in many musical masterclasses throughout Europe, like Ticino  Musica ( Lugano-Switzerland ), Accademia'Incontri col Maestro'( Imola-Italy ), Mozarteum ( Salzburg ), Mannes College ( New York City ), working with such distinguished musicians as J . Swann, Jerome Rose, S . Perticaroli, A . Jasinski, P . Gililov, L . Zilberstein, D . Bashkirov and B . Petrushansky.
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