1. Gustavo Suarez Pertierra succeeded Garcia as defense minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
  2. Gustavo Suarez Pertierra was named Minister of Defense, replacing Julian Garcia Vargas.
  3. Geronimo Saavedra was named Minister of Education, replacing Suarez Pertierra in that post.
  4. But like most immigration lawyers, Pertierra does not have any clients in custody.
  5. Harbury's lawyer, Jose Pertierra, charged that the government " concocted"
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  7. Being in Washington, D . C ., has had one more negative consequence for Pertierra.
  8. Both Solana and Defense Minister Gustavo Suarez Pertierra refused to confirm outright that the five were dead.
  9. Pertierra doesnt expect the INS to take much longer than the usual six months to review the petition.
  10. Garcia made the request because prosecutors have a strong case against him, defense lawyer Roberto Pertierra said.
  11. Pertierra says Central Americans with temporary protective status have wanted to know if they should even bother renewing their visas.
  12. Pertierra says confusion in immigrant communities has been caused, in part, by overzealous media coverage of the proposals.
  13. "' Francisco Pertierra "'was a Spanish photographer of the 19th century who established in the Philippines.
  14. "It's a major pillar of European defense, " said Gustavo Suarez Pertierra, Spanish defense minister.
  15. "It's a major pillar of European defense, " said Gustavo Suarez Pertierra, the Spanish defense minister.
  16. No, " said Pertierra, who answered " maybe " when she was asked if she believed Simpson was a killer.
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