pigeon coop造句


  1. The mobsters start by tracing all the pigeon coops in town.
  2. Must be the pigeon coop in that guy's back yard.
  3. Police found four youths chained up inside dog pens and pigeon coops.
  4. Carver tells him that Marlo has a pigeon coop.
  5. I remember being on the roof of my pigeon coop looking at them from Brooklyn.
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  7. There were pictures of Saddam everywhere, and many empty pigeon coops and bird cages.
  8. Another scene had this guy trying to make out with this woman in a pigeon coop.
  9. One day I crept up there, I snuck up, and everyone had pigeon coops.
  10. The prince escorts her home, but she eludes him and jumps inside the pigeon coop.
  11. Also surviving is a pigeon coop.
  12. In August, FBI surveillance noticed workmen dismantling Napolitano's pigeon coops atop the Motion Lounge.
  13. Randy believes they can sell homing pigeons to Nemo, who handles Marlo's pigeon coops.
  14. In the hours after the shocking disclosure of Donnie Brasco, Napolitano went to his pigeon coop to think.
  15. At the eastern side of the tarred roof sat a pigeon coop the size of a single-car garage.
  16. Other uses include pigeon coops, helipads, sports areas ( such as tennis courts ), and restaurants outdoor seating.
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