pigeon creek造句


  1. Melanie isn't shy about her disdain for Pigeon Creek.
  2. In Pigeon Creek the truth emerges, and Melanie makes her choice.
  3. There are rolling hills around Pigeon Creek which flows south through Evansville.
  4. She was buried in the Little Pigeon Creek Primitive Baptist Church cemetery.
  5. Patricia Bragg, a resident of Pigeon Creek, said in an interview.
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  7. The road crosses Pigeon Creek into US 422 freeway.
  8. Pigeon Creek is in Mingo County, the state's leading coal-producing county.
  9. In 1823 Sarah, Thomas and his daughter, joined the nearby Little Pigeon Creek Baptist Church.
  10. The historic homes shown at Melanie's return to Pigeon Creek were shot in Eufaula, Alabama.
  11. Groups of Shawnee, Pigeon Creek where it flowed into the Ohio River in present-day Evansville.
  12. This trail system includes the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage, a 42-mile trail that encircles the city.
  13. A growing housing demand also caused residential development to leap north across Pigeon Creek and east across Weinbach Avenue.
  14. _PATRICIA BRAGG, of Pigeon Creek, W . Va ., which is imperiled by strip-mining.
  15. Nancy Lincoln died from milk sickness at the Little Pigeon Creek Community in Spencer County when Abraham was aged 9.
  16. Later, when her fancy New York friends begin appearing in Pigeon Creek, she has some fancy footwork to do.
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