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  1. This results in pitch rates in excess of 40 degrees per second, and high resistance to departure from controlled flight.
  2. Investigation proceeded quickly and the problem was soon discovered to be the result of a malfunction in the pitch rate gyro amplifier.
  3. WorldCom ( MCI ), for instance, pitches rates as low as 5 cents a minute in television commercials featuring basketball star Michael Jordan.
  4. The Dawn Wall is one of the most difficult big-wall climbs in the world, with multiple pitches rated 5.14 in the Yosemite Decimal System.
  5. Watching his instruments for the pitch rate of the Redstone, Grissom saw it follow directions as programmed, tilting over at about 1 deg / s.
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  7. :: Z _ q Lift due to pitch rate, arises from the increase in tail incidence, hence is also negative, but small compared with Z _ \ alpha.
  8. These include the steady roll, where there is a constant and non-zero roll rate, and the steady pull up, where there is a constant but non-zero pitch rate.
  9. On its first flight on 5 November 1974, a cable connecting the pitch rate control gyroscope to the guidance system became disconnected, resulting in a loss of control and launch failure.
  10. These characteristics are conveyed through the non-verbal part of the voice-quality, pitch rate, volume, inflection, etc . It is a language in itself that helps the audience interpret the words we speak.
  11. On the 28 December 1965, the third A-12 was lost when " Article 126 " crashed 30 seconds after takeoff when a series of violent yaw and pitch rate gyroscopes of the stability augmentation system in reverse.
  12. The exceptional summer of 1911, though it was thought batsmen " did not find him difficult ", saw Iremonger's nagging perseverance on the hardest of pitches rated so highly that he was taken to Australia for bowling alone.
  13. Since then, at least 13 routes have been put up on the two peaks, most involving highly technical pitches rated at Grade VII, 5.10, A4 and it was followed by " a 10-day walk-out to the fjord-head without food ".
  14. Analysis of the FDR and the CVR revealed that at the moment the aircraft struck the ground it was at a heading of 339?( north-northwest, in line with the pitch rate of five degrees ( which corresponds to a slight nose-up position ).
  15. The jet damping contributes to the pitch and yaw damping coefficients, Cm _ q and Cn _ r, where Cm _ q is the rate of change of pitching moment with respect to pitch rate and Cn _ r is the rate of change of the yawing moment with respect to yaw rate.


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