1. Philippe Rouillon seemed slightly miscast as Mephistopheles, producing beautiful sounds but lacking the needed plangency at the bottom and any sense of real menace.
  2. Scriabin was Chekhov's contemporary and thematic opposite, the composer's sensuousness and volatility in direct contrast to the writer's plangency : Scriabin the mystic, Chekhov the social realist.
  3. Gifted with a shining, spinto instrument, K髇ya had an easy top register placing him the category known as " jugendlicher heldentenor " while affording him the full plangency of the Italian roles as well.
  4. But then Callas sought to capture in her singing not just beauty but a whole humanity, and within her system, the flaws feed the feeling, the sour plangency and the strident defiance becoming aspects of the canto.
  5. It's difficult to find plangency in a sentence. 用plangency造句挺難的


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