1. Pocitos is located only 10 minutes away from the centre of Montevideo.
  2. Playa Pocitos, or Pocitos Beach, is preferred by the teenage population.
  3. Playa Pocitos, or Pocitos Beach, is preferred by the teenage population.
  4. It is located in the Pocitos neighbourhood of Montevideo.
  5. Its best known beaches are Ram韗ez, Pocitos, Carrasco, Buceo and Malv韓.
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  7. It is located in the neighbourhood of Pocitos.
  8. They do a takeaway service from Pocitos, the neighbourhood where most of the Indians live.
  9. The inspections led to the recent fines and the temporary suspension of operations at more than 40 pocitos.
  10. In addition, there are the dams of San Ignacio de la Vega, Los Pocitos and the Texcalame.
  11. Martinez said the government would begin imposing a tax of one peso per ton of coal mined in the pocitos.
  12. About 150 small mines called pocitos operate in Coahuila under conditions that were outdated in the United States a century ago.
  13. "Kokoro " is a Japanese restaurant located on Viejo Pancho in the " barrio " of Pocitos.
  14. In 2009, " Snake " held a concert at Kibon Beach in Pocitos, Montevideo for about 5, 000 people.
  15. The pocitos generally have only one shaft and no escape route, and they lack proper ventilation of coal dust and methane gas.
  16. In Pocitos, however, high-rise apartments had replaced the single-family homes on those streets closest to the beach.
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