1. Arvydas Pocius, the department's deputy director, told journalists.
  2. Pocius missed the LKL Finals because of a season-ending injury.
  3. On 28 July 2011 Pocius was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.
  4. Pocius was Lithuanian champion of freestyle wrestling in junior, youth and adult groups.
  5. Leo Pocius, an early winner, shouted, breaking into a million dollar grin.
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  7. State Security Department chief Arvydas Pocius said.
  8. Pocius joined Command and General Staff Course, Bundeswehr Command Academy ( Germany ) in 1996.
  9. In 1975 Pocius graduated from high school and started studies in Sambo and free-style wrestling.
  10. On 11 January 1991 Pocius swore an oath to the Republic of Lithuania in the Reconstituent Parliament.
  11. Pocius was assigned to Command the Military District  East of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in 2002.
  12. In his final season at Duke, Pocius played 22 games, averaging 1.5 points.
  13. Antanas Pocius was born on August 19, 1913, in Pagiriai village which is close to Taurag.
  14. Pocius underwent a season-ending surgery on his left ankle on January 8 during his junior year.
  15. Pocius averaged 18.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.8 assists in the season.
  16. Pocius also helped } algiris win second place in the Lithuanian Cup tournament and third place in the VTB United League.
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