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  1. The moisture exits through the finished surface making bubbles which dry as pock marks.
  2. Two bullets left pock marks on the Massachusetts Career Development Institute across the street.
  3. Poland said, referring to pock marks in the school wall from the rifle fire.
  4. Pock marks from Japanese strafing still dot Ford Island, ground zero in the 1941 attack.
  5. Pock marks are a defect caused by air bubbles which form after joint compound is applied.
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  7. Commercial additives are designed to reduce pock marks or the use of dish soap mixed into the mud.
  8. Its mud brick is crumbling inside and out; pock marks in the walls are evidence of past battles.
  9. The caper bush has a curious reaction to sudden increases in humidity; it forms wart-like pock marks across the leaf surface.
  10. Yigal Chismario, a 32-year-old assistant manager at the Freiman and Bein shoe store on Jaffa Street, points to pock marks in the sidewalk.
  11. The mapping also found " pock marks " some 20m deep by 200m in diameter in the margins which may indicate methane seepage.
  12. But Burford is a pock mark the same way as Bill Gates or Donald Trump when they were getting started in their respective industries.
  13. Cheng had pock marks on his face when he was young and thus he was known as  third son with pock marks Cheng.
  14. His two-story red-brick attached house, not far from Snugville Street, has the odd pock mark of a bullet and a front door with steel-plated backing.
  15. "It exactly replicates not only Beethoven's living face, complete with pock marks ( possibly from smallpox ) and facial scars but also his acute physical discomfort,"
  16. There have been found cold seeps also in gas chimneys have been reported, and exploratory wells have discovered subcommercial gas accumulations and pock marks along fault planes.
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