1. The plants are owned by Kemijoki Oy and Pohjolan Voima Oy.
  2. UPM holds a 42-percent stake in Pohjolan Voima.
  3. The biggest shareholders are Pohjolan Voima and Fortum.
  4. The companies Pohjolan Voima, Fortum, Helsingin Energia and Rautaruukki consume coal most.
  5. Major shareholders of Pohjolan Voima are Stora Enso Oyj ( 15, 6 % ).
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  7. In January 2011 " Pohjolan Sanomat " changed its format from broadsheet to tabloid.
  8. She is considered one of the founders of historical entertainment in Finnish literature, alongside of Pohjolan-Pirhonen.
  9. Her style of narration is more detailed than Pohjolan-Pirhonen's, known for somewhat light novels.
  10. Utrio also hardly ever uses the present tense in her narration, unlike some of Pohjolan-Pirhonen's works.
  11. A special feature of the Finnish electricity markets is companies like Pohjolan Voima and Teollisuuden Voima that operate with the Mankala-principle.
  12. Later a sorting station for the Finnish Postal Service as well as a depot for Pohjolan Liikenne was built in the western fringes of the area.
  13. Utrio can be seen continuing the tradition of the Finnish historical novel, including authors like Zachris Topelius, Santeri Ivalo, Mika Waltari and Ursula Pohjolan-Pirhonen.
  14. Alma Regions ( previously Regional Media ) segment includes the print and online publishing business of Aamulehti, Satakunnan Kansa, Lapin Kansa / Pohjolan Sanomat and several local and town papers.
  15. Finnish paper maker UPM-Kymmene said it has reserved a 29-percent share of the unit's capacity, or some 470 megawatts, through its associated power company, Pohjolan Voima.
  16. In spring 2011, Krogerus advised the State of Finland when it acquired, together with Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, a majority stake in the electricity transmission operator Fingrid Oyj from Fortum Power and Heat Oy and Pohjolan Voima Oyj.
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