1. George Politis smiled as he recalled the advice from his coach.
  2. Politis'persistence for hundreds of exhaustive rehearsals now becomes clear.
  3. Politis then resigned complaining that Panathinaikos failed to support him.
  4. Politis had been in England for meetings with Leeds officials.
  5. First theatrical director was placed Fotos Politis and from 1934 Dimitris Rontiris.
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  7. Bastias again wrote about Fotos Politis and the new season:
  8. This is a view that had not been adopted by Fotos Politis.
  9. Politis reportedly made a handshake agreement with Williams to this effect years prior.
  10. Yet Politis takes needling from players and coach.
  11. Gallis has not played since last October after a disagreement with Panathinaikos'then coach Costas Politis.
  12. Gallis has not played since last October after a disagreement with then Panathinaikos'coach Costas Politis.
  13. In fact his legal name, Konstantinos Politis, is Greek for " Constantinople ."
  14. Politis, whose grandparents fled Istanbul, moved here from the Greek port city of Thessaloniki in 1996.
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