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  1. Sinx thin film can improve the minor carrier lifetime of both mono and poly silicon by the simultaneous surface and bulk passivation
    9 )的提高;先沉積氮化硅薄膜再氫等離子體處理能得到更好的鈍化效果。
  2. The writer also elaborates the working principles of solar cell and various factors that may lead to bad conversion efficiency of solar cell , emphasizes on three thin film solar cells ( amorphous silicon thin film solar cell , poly silicon thin film solar cell , cuinsea thin film solar cell ) , analyzes their structure , photovoltaic effect , producing techniques , and conversion efficiency etc . , and discusses how to reduce the effects of sw in solar cell and how to improve the conversion efficiency
    闡述了太陽電池的工作原理,論述了影響太陽電池轉換效率的因素,并重點介紹了當前研究比較深入的三種熱點薄膜太陽電池:非晶硅薄膜太陽電池( a - si ) ;多晶硅( poly - si )薄膜太陽電池:銅銦錫( cis )薄膜太陽電池。分析了它們的結構、光伏效應、制備工藝、轉換效率等,探討了如何減小太陽電池的光致衰退效應和提高薄膜太陽電池的轉換效率的方法。
  3. Both hydrogen plasma and sinx thin film can effectively enhance the short circuit current density of mono and poly silicon solar cells , which cause the improvement of the absolute transfer efficiency about 0 . 5 % ~ 2 . 9 % . depositing sinx thin film followed by hydrogen plasma treatment will result in better passivation effect . the thickness of sinx thin film will decrease and the refractive index will increase after annealing
    經過薄膜后退火處理發現,氮化硅薄膜經熱處理后厚度降低,折射率升高,但溫度達到1000oc時折射率急劇降低;沉積氨化硅薄膜后400oc退火可以促進氫擴散,提高鈍化效果;超過400oc后氫開始逸失,晶體硅材料中的少子壽命急劇下降; rtp (快速熱處理)處理所導致氫的逸失比常規退火處理顯著。
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