1. Minos demanded Glaucus be brought back to life, though Polyidus objected.
  2. Minos shut Polyidus up in the wine-cellar with a sword.
  3. When a snake appeared nearby, Polyidus killed it with the sword.
  4. Following this example, Polyidus used the same herb to resurrect Glaucus.
  5. Minos refused to let Polyidus leave Crete until he taught Glaucus the art of divination.
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  7. The story of Polyidus and Glaucus was the subject of a lost play attributed to Euripides.
  8. Alternatively, Bellerophon sought out the wisest man in Lycia, Polyidus, who told him about the horse.
  9. To obtain the services of the winged horse, Polyidus told Bellerophon to sleep in the temple of Athena.
  10. Bellerophon had to sneak up on Pegasus while it drank from a well ( Polyidus told him which well ).
  11. Searching for the boy, Polyidus saw an owl driving bees away from a wine-cellar in Minos'palace.
  12. Polyidus did so, but then, at the last moment before leaving, he asked Glaucus to spit in his mouth.
  13. Polyidus did so, but then, at the last second before leaving, he asked Glaucus to spit in his mouth.
  14. The fountain was sacred to the Muses and it was there that Bellerophon found Pegasus ( as Polyidus had claimed ), drinking, and tamed him.
  15. Polyidus observed the similarity to the ripening of the fruit of the mulberry ( or possibly the blackberry ) plant, and Minos sent him to find Glaucus.
  16. Bellerophon accepted the proposal, but before proceeding to the combat consulted the soothsayer Polyidus, who advised him to procure if possible the horse Pegasus for the conflict.
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