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  1. On 23 November the Populars, led by Mauro, Dellai and Olivero, launched Populars for Italy ( PpI ).
  2. After internal rifts inside the Civic Choice party, Mauro left it in November 2013 and launched the new Populars for Italy.
  3. In April the PT signed a federative pact with the Populars for Italy ( PpI ), a minor Christian-democratic party represented in Parliament.
  4. In late 2015 Domenico Rossi, a deputy and undersecretary who had previously been a member of Civic Choice and the Populars for Italy, joined the party.
  5. In October Act ! became an occasional supporter of the centre-left Conservatives and Reformists, Gaetano Quagliariello's Identity and Action and Mario Mauro's Populars for Italy : such an alliance could boast more than 20 deputies and 15 senators.
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  7. At the national level, in November 2013 Dellai left SC and was a founding member of the Populars for Italy ( PpI ), which he subsequently left in July 2014 to form 2014 European Parliament election the UpT endorsed Herbert Dorfmann, top candidate of the South Tyrolean People's Party.
  8. As a result, after several changes in its composition and naming, as of December 2016, the group's full name is "'Great Autonomies and Freedom ( Great South, Populars for Italy, Moderates, IdeA, Euro-Exit, MPL Libertas Political Movement ) " '.
  9. In 1994, when the DC was dissolved, most ACLI members joined the Democracy is Freedom ( DL ), in which the PPI was merged in 2002, with the DS, while Andrea Olivero ( 1998 2006 ) has been a co-founder of Civic Choice ( SC ) and, later, of the Populars for Italy ( PpI ).


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