1. It is populary known to be the producer of Scott's Superfast Catch and other short videos.
  2. Dr . Humphrey Njuguna Kimani, populary referred to as Roho Safi, born on 17 th July 1961, is aKenyan Member of Parliament for Gatanga Constituency.
  3. The American Dietetic Association's ( www . eatright . org ) recent book is " The Health Professional's Guide to Populary Dietary Supplements ."
  4. Chandrasenan populary known as " Senan " ( Narendra Prasad ) and his younger brother Vishnu ( Suresh Gopi ) who runs a parallel government in Kozhikode City . There Anjana * Devan ), an illegal businessman who is planning to contest against Vishwanatha menon in the coming bye-election . Devan and Mohan Thamby bribing Chekkootty ( Sathaar ), the right-hand of Senan and Chekkootty stabbing Senan by ambushing him from behind . Vishnu is now planning to avenge against Devan and Mohan thamby who were planning to kill Vishwanatha menon.
  5. It's difficult to find populary in a sentence. 用populary造句挺難的


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