populate or perish造句


  1. After World War II, most Australians agreed that the country must " populate or perish ".
  2. Hughes made a memorable speech in the portfolio in 1935 in which he argued that " Australia must . . . populate or perish ".
  3. The launching of a mass migration program in 1946 under the slogan of " populate or perish " eased manpower shortages, and boosted the WA population.
  4. Since World War II the watchword had been'populate or perish' but by the middle of the 1970s such sentiments could no longer secure support for major projects.
  5. In July 1945, the Department of Immigration was established as Australia launched a massive Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell promoted mass immigration with the slogan " populate or perish ".
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  7. The rise of One Nation has shown all too clearly that much of middle Australia remains unconvinced that the populate or perish maxim still applies as the nation heads toward a new century.
  8. Following the trauma of Second World War, Australia's vulnerability during the Pacific War and its small population led to policies summarised by the slogan, " populate or perish ".
  9. Conversely, after the war experience, the Australian government embarked on the'Populate or Perish'program, aimed to increase the population of the country for strategically important economic and military reasons.
  10. Post WWII in the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Greeks were among one of the main European races picked by the Australian government's " Populate or perish " immigration scheme and due to this, thousands of Greeks migrated to Australia with just one purpose and that was to gain a better life and future for themselves and their families.


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