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  1. Your native homeland of china is the highest populated country on earth
  2. China is a big and populated country ; education and improvement take long
  3. It ' s the sixth most densely populated country in the world if you exclude some of the smaller ones
  4. India is one of the most populated countries in the world , next only to china . india has the population of 10 , 27billion by mar 1 , 2001
    印度是世界上人口眾多的國家之一,僅次與中國。根據2001年3月1日的統計,印度人口總數為10 27億。
  5. Two or three years ago demography was often cited : small , densely populated countries were easier to wire up than big , sparsely inhabited ones
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  7. Although it has a relatively small land area , it has a population of nearly 60 million people , making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world
  8. Two or three years ago demography was often cited : small , densely populated countries were easier to wire up than big , sparsely inhabited ones
  9. Dennis avery of the hudson institute says that modern transportation enables swift delivery of food from areas where it is grown abundantly and efficiently , to highly populated countries where farmland is at a premium
  10. In the already heavily populated countries of the tropics , the growing demand for plantation agriculture and trade brought most of the tropical world under the political control of one or other of the industrialized nations
  11. The reform policies benetit tbr the selection of talellts and illtellectuais . on the other hand , efficiency should be taken into consideration , that is , how to fulfill the enroliment task o11 time in an efticient way in a densel } / - populated country
  12. The covering up of soil and cement surfaces eliminated dust , thereby rendering the whole country spotless . i admire the comprehensiveness of singapore ' s municipal facilities even more . in a densely - populated country with high temperatures all year round and heavy rainfall , it is indeed a miracle that the problem of mosquitoes and houseflies has been taken care of
    我欣賞新加坡的“寸土必綠”的綠化方針,因為“黃土不見天”和“水泥不露面” ,因而才能消除塵埃,實現全國潔凈我更贊賞新加坡市政設施的配套完備,因而才能在人口高度密集全年皆夏氣溫較高雨水充沛的國度消滅了蚊蠅。
  13. As a heavy - populated country , china is faced with economic system reform , and the elements of pred system are full of contradiction . county level administrative units are key segment of sustainable development , so it is urgent to study county level pred system evolution
    作為發展中的人口大國,我國目前又處于經濟體制轉型時期, pred系統各要素間的矛盾尤為突出,縣級行政單位是落實可持續發展行動的基礎單元和關鍵環節,因此,作為全國pred系統基礎的縣域pred系統演變研究更是迫在眉睫。


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