population 0造句


  1. Population 1 equals population 0 plus births minus deaths plus immigrants minus emigrants.
  2. At Hoot Owl, Okla ., Population 0, the photograph captures a For Sale sign : Own Your Own Town.
  3. Kitchen's research is even more impressive than his photographs, for he uncovers the whole sordid story behind Hoot Owl, Okla . ( population 0 ), wherein the town was repossessed by a bank.
  4. We left St . Thomas on Monday morning, making stops at Jost Van Dyke ( a tiny island with a population of about 150 ), Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Peter Island ( a last-minute substitution for Salt Island, where we couldn't dock that day because of the breakers ), Norman Island ( population 0 ) and St . John before returning to St . Thomas on Saturday for a Sunday morning departure.
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