1. The station is located on the Sainte-Pazanne Pornic railway.
  2. It starts on the Atlantic in Pornic and is mostly flat on its way to Nantes.
  3. No one was injured in the Pornic explosion, initially thought to have been a prank.
  4. It is also far from Pornic, the closest sea resort, situated on the Atlantic ocean.
  5. Scalby has been twinned with the village of Pornic in north-west France, since 1989.
  6. It's difficult to find pornic in a sentence. 用pornic造句挺難的
  7. Its main towns are Rez? Pornic, PaimbSuf, and Machecoul ( the historical capital city ).
  8. July 26 _ Stage 19, Pornic to Nantes, individual time trial, 49 ( 30.43)
  9. It was during this period that he completed a swim from Noirmoutier to Pornic in less than five hours.
  10. In the summers of 1843 and 1844 SBowacki traveled to Pornic, a resort on the Atlantic coast in Brittany.
  11. The station is located on the Nantes La Roche-sur-Yon railway and Sainte-Pazanne Pornic railway.
  12. Lance Armstrong all but clinched his fifth consecutive Tour de France on the rain-slicked streets of Pornic and Nantes.
  13. The course from the Atlantic coast port of Pornic to the western town of Nantes is to Armstrong's liking.
  14. It is the sister city of Marietta, Georgia in the United States, Linz in Austria and Pornic in France.
  15. Later, her grave was moved to the Pornic War Cemetery, France with the other dead from the British services.
  16. Today's 30.43-mile course is straight and flat, from Pornic on the west coast to Nantes.
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