1. the drug has lost its potence by being exposed to moisture .
  2. teamwork consciousness and strong enterprise is the potence headspring
  3. the vpvt is the method of having saving energy potence, but it is more difficult to realize vpvt
  4. incentive is important content of human resources management and is effective method of opening out human potence
  5. shanghai kalee wopu machinery co ., ltd has rich rechnology potence, advanced manufucture equip prefectcheck & test apparatus and management system
  6. It's difficult to find potences in a sentence. 用potences造句挺難的
  7. semiconductor laser large-screen color tv ( slltv ) is a sort of new-style large-screen color tv . it has a wide foreground and a good developing potence
  8. our company holds the abundant potence of technic and has the strong ability of empoldering . the developing cycle is very short and can satisfy the especial request of different consumer
  9. the organizational system consists of shareholder conference, board of directors and supervision committee, the effectiveness of which is in close relationship with the efficiency and potence of the corporation
  10. decreasing state capital is a special financial affairs, which should be done by a financial body possessing absolute financial potence . it is an appropriate choice that the state asset management commission acts as the body
  11. according to the paper, the birth of the institution of zhou is the outcome of many cases, such as the basis of institution of yin, the restrictions on politics, economy, and culture of the early zhou, and the balance of potences and interests among those in power
  12. we can draw lessons from the modern business enterprise system, establish the school self-rule system that the board of directors, school administration committee and supervisor detach from each other and also mutually supervise . at the same time, educational administration and social agency should also be consummated to achieve the favorable educational course and the equilibrium of school management, administrative potence and social surveillance
  13. hesperian economics ignored the distinction between the different estate's benefit structure and the potence structure, virtually, social member's choice is achieved in process of learning from each other, at the same time, impel the institution innovation, form the institution change environment in next phase
  14. because of route-leaning formed in the course of state corporate innovation, faulty property system, imperfect capital market and china's entering wto in undeveloped economic conditions, there are financial risks in decreasing state capital . the risks have four types : losing state assets, control potence, share-business fluctuating and influencing financial structure of corporate . such is elaborated by the third chapter
  15. more and more people begin to attach importance to its potence gradually . according to the basic principle of vbi, this paper acquires related experience from the advanced technique for delivering of control signals during the period of vbi . it introduces a scheme using a single coaxial-cable to transmit video signals and control signals simultaneously, in which the key technique is the transmission of control signals in the vertical blanking interval of video signals
  16. it can report the exerting degree of the automobile ’ s performance between the real working station and the ideal working station of the engine, furthermore, it evinces the potence and the way to improve the power performance and the economy performance . then summarizes the calculating methods of the power performance and the economy performance, which can be realized by the computer easily . introduces the mathematic model of the automobile power train
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