1. However in 2001, Potenciano family had their political ambitions in Laguna.
  2. The Bitanga and Potenciano clans have disputes on the management of the company.
  3. Bitanga claimed the Potenciano family had forcibly taken over the properties and operations of BLTB.
  4. They give him a new name, Potenciano a . k . a . Teng.
  5. He based this version on information he received from Justo Gregorio, a nephew of Potenciano.
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  7. The first civil governor of Zambales during the American era was Potenciano Lesaca from 1901-1903.
  8. In turn, he helped his more studious younger brother, Potenciano, to study medicine in Spain.
  9. Cruz eventually dropped out of the show and married ophthalmologist Potenciano Larrazabal III and relocated to Cebu permanently.
  10. Potenciano later became the bandmaster of the same band until he joined the Philippine Constabulary Band in 1919.
  11. It was also the time when Bitanga and Potenciano clans have disputes over the management of the company.
  12. It is claimed that Potenciano Gregorio composed " Sarung Banggi " when he was 17 years old.
  13. Potenciano Gregorio was among those invited to compete with other musicians during the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1938.
  14. Potenciano was known to be a good sailor, he was a skipper of a ship which traveled up north.
  15. And it renamed Enteng as Potenciano " Teng / Enteng " Magtanggol ( " Potential Defender " in English ).
  16. Colonel Potenciano's son Max, nicknamed " Sonny ", became the president from 1977 up to 1988.
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