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  1. the measurement of alternating potential difference may be perturbed by stray current .
  2. if gamma particles are present, potential differences of several thousand volts can be generated .
  3. on the cultural potential difference in
  4. design and research of the digital display electric potential difference meter
  5. gravitational potential difference
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  7. with the same current there will be more potential difference with more resistance
  8. electroencephalogram ( eeg ) is a measurement of the time-varying potential differences between electrodes fixed on the scalp
  9. the author takes three provinces in yangtz delta area for example to identify potential difference of the area and flowing direction of productivity
  10. the method of the experiments in this lab is the application of electrophysiology . in a simple way to say, that is ohms law : adjust potential difference across the membranes or cells to see the change of current, and vice versa
  11. the two principles to reduce the electric current are ( i ) to minimise the potential difference between the conductive objects simultaneously touched by the person, ( ii ) to insulate as far as practicable all other metal parts that could be touched by the person
  12. the corresponding measures for the administration were also suggested . content after reviewed and summarized its national and international development, we analyzed the cause of the emergence and development of the offshore finance, which showed that the offshore finance came from the potential difference of control and grew in the superiority of efficiency . by using statistical techniques, we predicted renminbi ’ s cross-border circulation and offshore amount, comparatively analyzed the characteristics of renminbi and us dollar, and derived the inevitability of the
  13. subordinate function of evaluation index is determined by means of triangle whitenization function . the potential difference of the area is evaluated through gray cluster . conceptual model that estimates energy of the science & technology productivity is built up relying on the thought of the strength potential energy for support
  14. to achieve accurate detection of surface potential, the measurement of the contact potential difference of the zno / si step was also carried out . polarization-related surface properties of ferroelectric thin films were investigated by kelvin probe force microscopy ( kpfm ), leading to the discovery of asymmetric charge writing on the surface of pb ( zr _ ( 0.55 ) ti _ ( 0.45 ) ) o _ 3 ( pzt ) thin film
  15. it is found that the surface potential of the negative charge bits are higher than those of the corresponding positive ones . when ferroelectric polarization switching occurs, the potential difference becomes even more remarkable . the origin of this phenomenon traced to the existence of internal field within the interface layer which is near the ferroelectric / electrode interface
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