1. i deny that bolshevism is logical, it rejects the major part of the premisses, said hammond
  2. chinese phrase segmention is the premiss and difficulty that we analyze the chinese text
  3. balance, weightlessness, and geometry as the means of architectural construction were the premisses of a new artistic development
  4. my dear man, it allows the material premiss; so does the pure mind . exclusively . at least bolshevism has got down to rock bottom, said charlie
  5. for micro-cavity semiconductor laser, station model is proposed in this paper and its steady-state and instantaneous characteristics when the coupling efficiency of spontaneous emission into a lasing mode is equal to 1 are analysised . for current noise, sp noise, noise, p noise, as well as current modulation, sp modulation, modulation and p modulation, using small-signal approximation, we derive the laser's corresponding transfer functions . and we calculate their signal-to-noise ratio ( snr ) gain in various parameters through frequency domain analysis in the premiss of large input snr
  6. It's difficult to find premisses in a sentence. 用premisses造句挺難的


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