premium and deductible造句


  1. When I hear that Medicare premiums and deductibles are going up,
  2. Beneficiaries would contribute $ 71 billion through higher premiums and deductibles.
  3. There are other differences in addition to the premiums and deductibles.
  4. Premiums and deductibles may also rise, Russell said, citing the projected losses.
  5. Subsidies would be available for those with low incomes, eliminating or defraying premiums and deductibles.
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  7. Few experts believe Washington can save $ 250 billion or more without imposing excessive premiums and deductibles.
  8. For consumers it means higher annual premiums and deductibles, which are being raised to 15 percent.
  9. Trump has cited the rising costs of premiums and deductibles as a motivation to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  10. The Republican bill includes subsidies for low-income senior citizens that would reduce or eliminate monthly premiums and deductibles.
  11. Senate Republicans plan to reduce Medicare costs over seven years by raising premiums and deductibles and squeezing providers such as hospitals.
  12. It will also be far-ranging in the economy, including all medical costs, not just insurance premiums and deductibles.
  13. Some companies have responded by shifting part of the health insurance burden onto their workers or by ratcheting up premiums and deductibles.
  14. The software is also used to help insurers figure out how much to charge for premiums and deductibles in disaster-prone areas.
  15. It envisions higher premiums and deductibles for recipients, reduced fees to providers and a shift to managed care and health maintenance organizations.
  16. Seniors currently on Medicaid will automatically be shifted into the Medicare program for drug coverage and all premiums and deductibles will be waived.
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