premium blend造句


  1. Each Nabob premium blend container has the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal displayed on its canister.
  2. He has appeared on Comedy Central s Premium Blend and NBC s Last Comic Standing.
  3. A premium blend of cashews, honey-roasted sesame sticks and mini-pretzels ."
  4. One team member would not compromise on that, thank goodness, and brought a whole pound of premium blend.
  5. He began doing stand-up comedy and began hosting the Comedy Central series " Premium Blend ".
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  7. Schultz said Starbucks will work hard to convince Mexican costumers to " pay premium prices for premiums blends ."
  8. The DVD also features his appearance on a 1998 episode of Comedy Central's " Premium Blend ".
  9. Her stand-up has appeared on a number of Comedy Central specials, including " Premium Blend ".
  10. Premium blends of arrack add no other ingredients, while the inexpensive and common blends are mixed with neutral spirits before bottling.
  11. In 2000, Godfrey appeared in the Aspen Comedy Festival and on Comedy Central's " Premium Blend ".
  12. Retta has performed on " Premium Blend ", a Comedy Central show featuring up-and-coming comedians.
  13. After blending, the whiskey goes into used oak barrels for aging, more than 12 years in the case of some of the premium blends.
  14. He has been seen on " Premium Blend " and had two half-hour specials on " Comedy Central Presents ".
  15. They served as the house band for season three of Comedy Central's Premium Blend under the name " The El Conquistadors ".
  16. She was a guest host on NBC's " Later ", and has also performed on Comedy Central's " Premium Blend ".
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