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"press oil"是什麽意思   


  1. To adopt high press oil passage to ensure better forming results
  2. The pre - pressed oil is of higher quality than that obtained by single pressing or single sovent extraction
  3. Compared with vacuum oil filter , it has small size , light weight , low price ; compared with ordinary press oil filter , it s not need filter paper and polluted the field
    4 .比真空濾油機體積小重量輕價格低比普通壓力式過濾機用途廣,不需濾紙,不污染場地。
  4. Distilled water , aloe vera , cold pressed oils including safflower oil , apricot oil , sesame oil , plant emulsifying wax , almond glycerides , vitamin e , grapefruit seed extract preservative , essential oils lavender , geranium , tangerine
  5. Taking yangtian cxq3090 dump trucks as an example , this paper makes a detailed analysis on the situation of liquid - press oil - jar ' s swing angle and draws a diagram of curves to show the relationship of and according to the computer ' s data processing results
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