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  1. The property section claims to have more prime agents than anywhere else.
  2. Surely these are the prime agents of death.
  3. Disease is a prime agent affecting fish mortality, especially when fish are young.
  4. Still, making parents the prime agents of therapy is at odds with more traditional views of anorexia.
  5. Given their limitations, most mayors function more as advocates or facilitators than as prime agents in school management.
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  7. But it is serious enough that Secretary of State Colin Powell has become the prime agent of damage control.
  8. The prime agent in stirring up " some of the most horrendous crimes the world has witnessed in Europe since the Holocaust " was Milosevic.
  9. The Cameroon study found that nearly all the seeds dispersed by the wandering hornbills germinate successfully, making them one of the prime agents of lowland rain-forest regeneration.
  10. Downing was a prime agent pushing the Rhode Island legislature to integrate public schools, first financing a campaign of protest starting in 1857 which was finally successful in 1866.
  11. Deer ticks, prime agents in the spread of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, lurk in the damp, tall grass of the rough and leafy underbrush of the surrounding woods.
  12. She served as one of the deputy chairs for the Hunt Commission that in 1982, rewrote the Democratic delegate selection rules; Ferraro was credited as having been the prime agent behind the creation of superdelegates.
  13. Nesson, the prime agent provocateur on cyberspace at Harvard, along with his colleagues at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the law school, favor an approach where Harvard content is put on the Net gratis.
  14. In New York, Downing was one of the prime agents of the Underground Railroad, along with Isaac Hopper, Oliver Johnson, Charles B . Ray, David Ruggles, McCune Smith, James W . C . Pennington, and Henry Highland Garnet.
  15. For Coleridge, the creative capacity of the imagination, the " prime agent of all human perception, " was the key to connecting to the essence of things outside of ourselves and overcoming the apparent split between self and object occasioned by man's self-consciousness.
  16. The idea was to congregate around the world's historic dramas the prime agents of civilization; thus here were assembled allegoric figures of Architecture and other arts, of Science and other kingdoms of knowledge, together with lawgivers from the time of Moses, not forgetting Frederick the Great.
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